A Warm Welcome to Adel Church.

Adel Spring Evening

Whether you are a virtual visitor, someone who lives in the parish of Adel, a regular worshipper or want to find out more about the church,  Jesus and God, please explore what we have to offer online.

Pilgrim course – a journey to the heart of God

What is Pilgrim?

Our small group for people new to faith or just wondering about what Christian faith might mean to them. Over 7 weeks, using the Lord’s Prayer as our theme, we will use input from video and audio clips to explore what it might mean to encounter God and to experience His love for ourselves.

Why might I want to go to Pilgrim?

Watch our YouTube clip to find out what other people think about the course.

Or put this address into your web browser:


We’re meeting at The Stables on Sunday evenings, 7.30-9.00pm June 7th to July 19th. Coffee and eats from 7.15pm. Come to as many sessions as you can, but don’t worry if you have to miss one, or need to turn up later than planned.

How do I sign up?

It would be great if you could let us know if you plan to come – we can make sure there’s enough to eat for one thing!

Just drop Ian Johnston a line at revianjohnston@gmail.com .

Yorkshire Medieval Festival – 13th August, 1-5pm

St George South Window
St George South Window


Event at Adel Church

    Thursday 13th August, 1-5pm

part of Jorvik Medieval Festival

From 1089, monks from York, cared for the old Saxon Adel Church and appointed the Rectors until 1536. Norman  monks built the present church in the mid 12th c.

Medieval music and a trail is planned round the Archer carving, Font, Sanctuary Ring and Adel History Window.

We have St George & the Dragon in stained glass, the Lepers’ Window, and in the churchyard,  the Norman stone coffins and querns.

There will be refreshments, and activities in the Stables, for all ages.   Other points of interest are the millstones near the main gate, the mounting blocks, and the medieval stile on Church Lane and Corpseway footpath across the farm field.  Close by, on Back Church Lane, York Gate Garden, with a great collection of mill stones, is on an ancient farm site. People could visit both Adel Church and York Gate.


The Parochial Church Council is effectively the executive committee of the parish and consists of the ministry team, church wardens and representatives of the laity (non-ordained) parishioners.

The council is legally responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches and church halls, and promoting the mission of the church.

As the church is a charity by statute, it also has responsibilities to the charity commission.

Every year, soon after Easter, there is a public open meeting for members of the parish.  Offices of the church are voted on, including appointing church wardens, PCC members, PCC secretary and treasurer.

C of E PCC Accountability Guide

Beating the Bounds 2015 – Report

‘Beating the Bounds’ was started in the 8th century when  parishioners checked the boundaries on Rogation Sunday, and asked for God’s blessing on the fields for a good harvest. Before the days of accurate maps, they took younger members of the parish with them to learn the boundaries.

The 15 mile 2015 Walk clashed with the 30th Anniversary of the Leeds Half-Marathon with over 9000 people running on 10th May! Weather was perfect for walkers and runners.  At Adel, of the 34 people (& 3 dogs) who took part in the Boundary Walk, 25 of us, including seven year old Henry, his parents and older sister, Sophie, completed the 15 mile walk. Henry is the youngest person to complete the Adel Boundary Walk.  We were very pleased to have our two, energetic councillors, newly-elected Cllr. Caroline Anderson, and Cllr. Barry Anderson walking with us. 

 The Ring Road was closed because of the Leeds Run. So instead of crossing the Ring Road to follow the old boundary path past Valley Farm, we walked the short distance along the Ring Road to the cricket ground steps and back up to the boundary path along Smithy Lane. Also because of ‘Essential Safety Work’, we walked along the north side of the reservoir to Eccup, then rejoined the boundary path.

Those of us who enjoyed a picnic lunch in Golden Acre Park, in the sun, completed the walk in record time, arriving back at the Stables at 3.45pm. The Pub group, who had Sunday Lunch at the New Inn, Eccup returned at 4.10pm.

The Boundary Walk Tea at the Stables was much appreciated by all. Many thanks to Edith, Margaret, Joan and helpers. The next Adel Boundary Walk will start at 9am on Sunday 1st May 2016 which is the May Bank Holiday weekend. Make a note of this date and join us! Continue reading Beating the Bounds 2015 – Report

Christian Aid Week 2015: 10th – 16th May

This week from the 10th of May, Adel Church is supporting Christian Aid Week.  We will be visiting every house in the parish to drop off collection envelopes, and then collecting donations at the end of the week.

Christian Aid is doing really important work in parts of the world that are struggling with natural disaster and human conflict. Here is an example of one of the recipients of the aid:


Afraid, alone, in pain

Be the answer to Loko’s prayer this Christian Aid Week.


This Christian Aid Week, you can help transform the lives of women like Loko.


From 10-16 May, churches the length and breadth of Britain and Ireland will come together to pray, campaign and raise money to improve the lives of people like Loko.

Continue reading Christian Aid Week 2015: 10th – 16th May


Over the last few months, the churches of Ireland Wood and Adel have seen a growing need to provide access to a foodbank in the locality. We are please to report that we now have about thirty volunteers to staff the collection and distribution of emergency household food and domestic goods based in Ireland Wood’s St Pauls on Thursday mornings. See leedsnorth.foodbank.org.uk for more detail.

We need weekly donations to make this service possible – please bring non-perishables to church on Sundays and include long life milk; orange juice; tinned meat – if you could add an extra meal to your weekly shop, and bring it along to church, that would be a great way to support your neighbours. For more ideas about what makes a good foodbank staple, please check out this shopping list here

Christian Witness serving the community of North Leeds for over 800 years